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HIV/AIDS has become one of the dominant public health concerns today. It is no longer restricted to specific regions in the world or individuals with high-risk behavior; rather it can infect and affect housewives, fetus, children, youth, rich, poor or any body and anywhere. The situation of HIV/AIDS is alarming in India. Nearly 2.5 million people are infected with HIV in India, a number that is third highest in the world. Of the total cases, about 35% are aged 15-29 years. Every day approximately 800 people become infected with HIV and of them young people below 25 years account for over 50% infections.

Ironically, 90 percent of the infected people themselves are not aware of their HIV status and may therefore be transmitting the virus to partners unknowingly. Young people and more so young girls are comparatively more vulnerable to HIV than old people, primarily because of social norms and attitudes; ideologies and taboos; unemployment and poverty; behavior and inexperience; ignorance and myths but also biologically.

Education can combat HIV/AIDS

One of the reasons of gradual spread of HIV/AIDS in Asia and Africa is very low level of awareness and education, which contributes to perpetuation of myths and misconceptions. Some of the main reasons for HIV/AIDS education are:
  • Preventing new infections from taking place
  • Improving quality of life for HIV positive people
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination
Technology for PLWHAs
There is still no cure for HIV/AID. But wth advancement of medical system, today there is also a scope of pro-longing the lives of PLWHAs. This is really not happening in the developing countries due to lack of information reach and poor patient management. So there is a huge need of such mobile management systems like CST Manager. Such systems are very appropriate for managing diverse and large infected population living in high prevalent areas for example in India, Africa, China, East Europe, Latin America and South East Asia.

ZMQ Commitment
As a "Technology for Development" Social Enterprise; ZMQ is committed to fight HIV/AIDS using its core competency of technology based edutainment games and educational/ awareness programs; and use technology to develop high class care, support and treatment system for proper management of PLWHAs.
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