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As a Social Enterprise, ZMQ is committed to create valuable technology solutions for various social issues. HIV/AIDS has always been high on ZMQ agenda as it has been one of the most dreadful diseases, which can be prevented but still cannot be cured.

In 2002, ZMQ started an edutainment-based program in schools called "HIV/AIDS Learning Mansion". The prime reason to start the program was to create HIV/AIDS awareness among the school children and youth. Also there was a lack of appropriate information on HIV/AIDS to be given to the school children. In the years 2002-2003, the program was implemented in over 50 schools in New Delhi, and it became an instant success, which boasted ZMQ's plans to develop more social programs related to health and HIV/AIDS. But at the same time, ZMQ felt that the program was not able to reach out to the masses and under-privileged communities.
As experts in mobile games for social development, ZMQ developed an innovative IEC methodology to educate people on HIV/AIDS using mobile devices. On World AIDS, 1st December 2005, through its edutainment based interactive learning solutions in form of four mobile games, ZMQ was able to plans reach out to millions of people to teach about HIV/AIDS and spread HIV/AIDS awareness in India. The program was christened Freedom HIV/AIDS.

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