:: Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Workplace Programs

In partnership with Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GBC) and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), ZMQ developed interactive course on Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Workplace Programs for assessing and evaluating Workplace scenario. Other companies that participated in the project were GlaxoSmithKline French Business Foundation and Deloitte Consulting. It is the first interactive Monitoring and Evaluation Course specifically designed to assess the efficacy of corporate HIV/AIDS programs.

Companies have identified Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as an area where more business-focused knowledge, skills and resources are necessary for improved program development. The new interactive course provides companies with a comprehensive set of standards for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their corporate HIV/AIDS programs. This evolving tool is available both in English and French and will be distributed to interested companies implementing AIDS programs in developing and emerging countries.


The interactive course is an important resource for all companies. It provides companies with the background and technical tools to measure workplace policy and program impact; assesses the quality of care for company employees; and benchmarks programs against industry best practices.

Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke, President and CEO of GBC, said "This invaluable tool provides companies with a comprehensive set of standards for monitoring and evaluating their HIV/AIDS programs. It is essential to benchmarking corporate performance on HIV/AIDS programming and help determine the cost-effectiveness of such programs".

Peter Conze, Director General, Africa Department, GTZ said, "The release of the interactive Monitoring and Evaluation Course is very timely to address the growing demands of the private sector to provide evidence of the effectiveness of their HIV workplace programs and to measure their contributions to tackling HIV."

Social Impact : The course is available to over 220 GBC member companies worldwide and is used by their CSR departments to design efficacy of their company's HIV/AIDS programs. Through GBC's expanded network and partnerships with GTZ and National Business Coalitions around the world, the interactive course provides critical quantitative and qualitative data to companies planning and implementing HIV/AIDS workplace programs


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