:: M&E II

In collaboration with GBC and GTZ, ZMQ is presently working on the version II of Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Workplace Programs. In this version besides HV/AIDS, indicators of Tuberculosis and Malaria are also being included.

The second version of this interactive course will have two basic functionalities - learning and performing. The users will be able to "learn" about monitoring and evaluation and can also "perform" their own Monitoring and Evaluation plan. The users who want to "learn" will follow each module to understand: how to develop an HIV workplace program, and how to include monitoring and evaluation, benchmarking and reporting data, a case study on developing key indicators, and other resources available to them. They will also be able to access the key indicators developed in the practical section to apply to their own WPP. Further, the users who wan to "perform" will be able to enter indicators for their own company into the system and develop applicable graphs and charts.


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