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Started as a small Social Initiative of ZMQ in the year 2005, Freedom HIV/AIDS has now grown into a full-fledged technology based program to combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Dengue, and other prevalent tropicl and sub-tropical diseases using innovative ICTs. The program also develops solutions for health initiatives of global need like reproductive health, pre-natal & post-natal care, malnutrition, girl child health, hand washing, basic sanitation, drug abuse etc.

In a social partnership mode, ZMQ is already working with various agencies and organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe and America to develop ICT based health solutions. Some of the major organizations are USAID, DFID, European Commission, Hivos, GTZ, Global Business Coalition, Johns Hopkins University, Plan International, Groupe Developpment, Mobile for Good and more to take these programs forward.

ZMQ invites partnerships with various NGOs, Government Organizations,Development Agencies and "socially responsible" Corporates which are working towards a common goal of combating diseases and working on health issues in the world. ZMQ is willing to support any such program and can contribute 10%-25% of the project as "in-kind" contribution to develop socially valuable technology based solutions, systems, products and/or services.

For more information and partnerships, please contact the Project Director - Freedom HIV/AIDS. You may also send your needs and requirements to get evaluated by our experts for creating partnerships.

Ms. Sabina

Email: Sabina@zmq.in
Cell: +91-9312814894


About ZMQ

ZMQ Software Systems is a Social Enterprise which develops educational technology systems, social games, ICTs, software technology, human performance solutions, training solution for social development objectives. Being a highly socially conscious company, it has a strong educational development program under the banner of House of Learning.

Being a Social Enterprise, ZMQ puts back all its profitss back into the the organizations various social development program. ZMQ works with a unique business model with its partners for developing effective social programs for high impact. Under this new socio-business model, ZMQ not only develops social development programs but also develops products and solutions for the markets at the Bottom of the Pyramid. The company works with like-minded Organizations, NGOs, Corporate, Institutions and Development Agencies to create sustainable and effective social initiatives programs, products and supply chains.


About House of Learning
House of Learning is a social educational technology initiative of ZMQ dedicated in "engineering-education" by developing educational, learning and training needs for under-served, marginalzied and and semi-literate communities by effectively integrating technology in every aspect of learning for multi-lingual and multi-cultural use.

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