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As ZMQ core competency, the company is involved in developing a comprehensive e-Learning course for school children and youth on HIV/AIDS. The course will be made available on the internet as well as stand-alone CD-Rom packages.

The basic focus of training is to educate the target audience about HIV/AIDS awareness, hazards and prevention; and build capacity for government and schools to reduce HIV transmission among adolescent children. The program will be highly interactive and developed in absolute simulated-animated mode using play-n-learn methodologies. Animations will be used to explain different processes of HIV transmission, prevention, wearing condoms - both male and female. Simulations will be used to explain complex scientific explanations and processes in an easy way for quick understanding and longer retention of information.

Adaptive learning techniques can also be used, so that content accessed selectively, according to their specific needs of user. For instance: it is being be designed in such a way that girls and boys; or high school student and a comparatively elder child like a college student use it selectively. The e-Learning program will be divided into different Units (chapters). Each unit of the e-Learning module will be further broken down into smaller topics and sub-topics within itself. These topics and sub-topics will carry learning material in form of text, audio, video, graphic, chart, animation, simulation, practice exercises etc.

The project will be scaled up for different regional languages of India. ZMQ is seeking partners in this project.
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