:: Africa Reach Program

Learning from its experience in India, ZMQ planned to take up the mobile games to other parts of the world specially the most affected ones in Africa and South East Asia in the local languages.

On World AIDS day - 1st December 2006, Freedom HIV/AIDS not only celebrated its first anniversary in fight against HIV/AIDS using mobile phone games but also added a new chapter - 'Africa Reach Program' with Hivos, a leading Dutch development organization, and KPN, the largest Dutch telecom company, under the "Star Programme". The six countries covered under the Star programme in Africa are Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya in Eastern Africa, and Malawi, Mozambique and Namibia in Southern Africa, the regions of high HIV/AIDS prevalence.

Under the program, ZMQ developed 2 mobile games - AIDS Fighter Pilot and AIDS Penalty Shoot Out. Apart from English, the games have been developed in local languages - Kiswahili and Shen.

AIDS Penalty Shoot Out is a soccer game based, a popular sport in Africa. In this game the player has to save and shoot penalties. On saving a penalty the gamer gets random messages on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and on scoring a goal the user receives message on different modes of transmission and myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. The score of a gamer also enables to capture the learning quotient of the gamer thus helping in a behavior change.

AIDS Fighter Pilot is an adventure game for youth to create HIV/AIDS awareness. The game is based on the story of a village boy - Juma and a village girl - Wanjiku, who are peer educators and have dedicated their lives to fight HIV/AIDS by spreading knowledge about HIV/AIDS in every corner of their village using their Glider.


Social Impact : The games have been made available to over 2 million handsets on the day of the launch in the Eastern African regions. Later, the games were made availbale to over 6 million users with 1.3 million game sessions downloaded. The games were developed in local languages - Kiswahili and Shen.


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