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Youth today need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. They have been at the center of the epidemic and if unchecked would engulf the major and most vibrant human resource and development of the country. The behavior they adopt now and those they probably maintain throughout their sexual lives would determine the course of the epidemic for decades to come. It is important to make them aware of the epidemics with the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and elaborate the preventive measures but there is more concern to it. So there was a need to develop skills for responsible and preventive behavior for youth.

In 2006, ZMQ entered in partnership with USAID, Johns Hopkins University and Avert Society to develop an edutainment based CD-Rom to create HIV/AIDS for under its youth programs in regional languages. The project was christened "Health Mela" (Health Carnival).
"Health Mela" is comprehensive CD-ROM based Interactive Learning and Edutainment solution for Youth on Health issues with a prime focus on HIV/AIDS information. The package has been developed in 3 languages - English, Hindi and Marathi focusing Youth. The most interesting aspect of the package is that it can be used by both, educated class as well as less educated or semi-literate youth and adolescents. In an educational entertainment mode, the health related information on issues related to HIV/AIDS are disseminated in a very user-friendly and effective way so that the youth gets the relevant information. The package has four highly rich health based learning objects Life Choices, Amar Quiz, Safety Cricket and Learning Zone.
Social Impact : The CD-Rom solution is being disseminated through over 200 NGOs, 500 Schools and 200 technical institutions and is reaching out to over 2 million youth. It is also disseminated through the Knowledge Centers of NASSCOM Foundation. Tie-up have been sought with computer training centers all over India.



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