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Freedom HIV/AIDS
is a social initiative.

Freedom HIV/AIDS has been specially designed to combat the dreadful disease - HIV/AIDS, through Information and Communication Technology (ICTs). Using its core competency, ZMQ has successfully used technology to combat HIV/AIDS. Freedom HIV/AIDS has effectively been able to reach out to millions of people in the world using its wide variety of technologies - from solutions Internet based community systems, Intranet based closed net systems, stand-alone computer programs to compact solutions hand-held & mobile devices. The solutions have catered various target audiences like school children, youth, adults, women, corporate workers, cell phone users, sex workers, mobile workers, migrant labour etc.

The initiative has now been scaled up to combat other Communicable Diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, dengue, filaria, and dengue; and other health related issues like Reproductive Health Initiative, malnutrition, girl child health, hand washing, basic sanitation and drug abuse. ZMQ has now started working on Non-Communicable and Lifestyle Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and mental health.

In this new initiatives, FREEDOM HIV/AIDS is partnering with various organizations like hospitals, research centers, medical associations, NGOs, CBOs, and Corporates from different parts of the world to fight diseases and health related problems. Organizations interested in partnership may please contact or write to:

Hilmi Quraishi (Ashoka Fellow)
Project Director - Freedom HIV/AIDS
Cell: +91-9871981960
Email: Hilmi@zmq.in

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ZMQ is a member of Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GBC) (www.businessfightsaids.org). Global Business Coalition is the pre-eminent organization based in New York, leading the business fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria under the leadership of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.
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